Introducing ePanel©

Demanding schedules, rising travel costs, and fewer resources challenge organizations working to conduct efficient document reviews. ePanel© is a web-based software application originally designed for national acclaimed cancer researchers. Now diverse clients including corporate and non-profit board members, policy experts, and Federal agency administrators experience the valuable benefits of ePanel©.

Learn how ePanel© can help save your program money and leverage your existing computer network to bring everyone to the table to review and collaborate. ePanel© serves both online reviews and online meetings, facilitating regulatory reviews as well as peer review of scientific literature, grant applications, proposals, policy drafts, and other types of documents.


Facilitate review management from start to finish in real time using web applications to connect participants from remote locations.


Create a virtual conference room where reviewers can score, vote, evaluate, and share comments.


Automate all meeting and event functions, create custom rules and forms, generate reports instantly, and archive all results.

About ePanel©

ePanel© is a customizable, web-based tool that allows users to manage and facilitate the document review process. ePanel© helps you:

  • Create and modify panel rosters per review or per committee
  • Tailor document preparation, scoring, and panel reminders to satisfy review requirements
  • Post documents for assigned and unassigned reviews and comments in an easily accessible and secure central online location
  • Facilitate panel members' communication via review comments and contact info
  • Store panel members' private reviews in progress
  • Share panel members' completed reviews
  • Manage the teleconference via an online "Speaker Queue"
  • Archive document review records
  • Generate special reports on review outcomes

Once I saw all the ways ePanel© could manage an online meeting during a demo, I instantly realized how it could save me time, resources, and a lot of aggravation with our regularly scheduled Board of Directors’ meetings and subcommittee meetings.

Community Bank COO

Benefits of ePanel©

ePanel© offers many benefits to businesses and organizations that want to reduce costs associated with convening face-to-face on-site meetings. Panels of reviewers and participants can review, collaborate and manage the entire document, proposal, protocol or policy review process with ePanel©.

  • Reduce staff time and resources
  • Eliminate expensive travel costs and hotel costs
  • No special equipment is needed
  • Operate on standard platforms (MAC, PC, Apple, Android) and devices (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Automate meetings from start to finish
  • Control pre-review, review, meeting, post-review, and archival activities
  • Schedule reviews and meetings automatically
  • Notify and remind participants of key dates
  • Manage teleconferences
  • Tabulate votes and scores in real time
  • Post review documents for real time review
  • Reduce delays by eliminating manual processing of votes and scores
  • Publish customized management reports for distribution and archiving
  • Complete reviews quickly and keep records of meeting participants
  • Create customized business rules
  • Determine levels of administrative support you need (premium or basic service)
  • Transfer meeting management control among users
  • Post, vote, and score on demand during collaborative reviews
  • Store results and data securely to provide data privacy
  • Edit and validate scores and votes
  • Track all participant review actions (private, shared, updated)
  • Generate reports automatically to verify review or meeting outcomes

Technical Requirements for ePanel©

ePanel© 3 is designed to work with any modern web browser, whether on a desktop computer, tablet computer, or smartphone. For the best results, we recommend:


  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Safari 3+
  • All versions of Google Chrome

Tablet Devices

  • iPad with iOS 5+
  • Windows 8+
  • Android 2.1+*


  • iPhone with iOS 5+
  • Windows Phone 7+
  • Android 2.1+*

* Individual device support may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each evaluation panel has an administrator who is responsible for adding members to the panel, uploading proposal documents, and scheduling panel meetings. ePanel© users can administer the panel themselves or have Humanitas do it for them.

With ePanel©, participants and reviewers can review, score, and discuss proposals before, during, and after meetings. Participants can draft reviews and save privately, share final reviews, and save private notes about review content. Members of a review panel have an opportunity to review the shared reviews of other members. ePanel© also allows participants to score proposals according to a list of customizable scoring questions.

ePanel© is also helpful in managing the overall review process. Sponsoring organizations have a ready archive of all review results that can be accessed for later continuing reviews. ePanel© also can generate reports about the outcome of panel evaluations, including statistics about attendance and other participant activities.

ePanel© helps keep teleconferences running smoothly. All participants use the ePanel© online meeting page to signal to others when they are on the telephone and ready to meet, so there is no guesswork involved. ePanel©'s unique "Speakers Queue" feature allows participants to silently indicate to others that they would like to talk next. This feature is helpful in organizing the discussion and promoting smooth meeting flow.

No. ePanel© was designed with the idea that technology should adapt to its users, not the other way around. When you license ePanel©, you get training support for panel administration, pre-meeting telephone training support, and telephone technical support during your meetings.There are other technical support options available, so you will never feel "lost" in ePanel©.

Yes. All ePanel© users must log into the application with a unique user ID and password. All passwords are assigned by the panel administrator or Humanitas, Inc. With 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) RSA encryption, ePanel© users are further protected from internet eavesdropping and web site tampering. We use the latest anti-virus and internet security software to protect the ePanel© cloud-hosted and federally compliant servers.

Go Green!

ePanel© helps organizations and businesses conduct meetings and reviews efficiently. ePanel© allows you to:

Click here to see how ePanel© makes economical and ecological sense.

  • Share documents, presentations, charts, tables and more
  • Share expert comments and full reviews based on custom worksheets designed to distill critical components of review
  • Announce long and short-term meeting schedules
  • Provide easy access to key reference materials
  • Reduce time and resources to review projects or documents by up to 80% using ePanel©
  • Engage participants from around the globe by using simple online management tools (take attendance, queue speakers for discussions, take polls, and capture comments)
  • Display reviews and comments in formats that fit your needs Section 508 compliant and 100% accessible for all PC and MAC users across platforms and devices.
  • Tabulate votes and post scores to reach consensus automatically in real time establish quorum decisions instantly reduce costly revisions, drafts and additional staff time
  • Generate management reports with a click of your mouse
  • Executive Order 1310 and the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) require all federal procurement officials to engage in Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP). This encourages “green purchasing” to reduce the overall impact on the environment.
  • The Government Paperwork Elimination Act (P.L. 105-227). This calls for improved customer service and government efficiency through the use of information technology.

Guess the Green Facts

  • The number of teleworking professionals has risen 40% since 2001.
  • There are an estimated 137 million teleworkers worldwide.
  • Office of Personnel Management
  • General Services Administration
  • The average office cubicle workstation costs more than $10,000 per year. The average cost of a telecommuter is less than $1,000 per year.
  • If the federal government meets its commuting goal, it could save up to $1 billion a year.